All children learn through all 5 senses, if I was to put a team together of five children, born on exactly the same day and ask them to race, would they all run in the same way and the same speed? No. Some senses develop faster than others and this differs from child to child. A sensory room provides stimulating experiences to the child that they may never have previously experienced. Upon entering the room, your childs brain will home in on an area it is particularly needing to develop, for example, visual movement. Your childs brain will then systematically focus on each aspect it wishes to focus on and will build ‘synapses’ based on the information it receives (Synapses are little data path ways). The more times your childs brain revisits these concepts, the stronger the synapses become and suddenly synapses begin to connect all over the brain and your child is making significant progress towards achieving their potential. These facilities are particularly beneficial to children with additional needs, but are accessible by all. The idea is to use them sessionally to avoid over stimulation and to use them in conjunction with the main facilities to progress and further support learning in a range of contexts.