‚ÄčThe Cloud 9 Preschool Room is a large open plan room which can accommodate up to 34 children, 2-5 years. and is lead by the Deputy Manager, Becky Kerrison. The preschool room comes fully equipped with resources to meet the needs of all children across the age span of 2-5 years, and prepare them for school.. Throughout your child's time at Cloud 9 we will help them to engage in fun play-based and practical learning to develop a strong foundation of early education. Whilst at Cloud 9 your child will enjoy a 'free-flow' education accessing the indoor and outdoor play areas freely throughout the day. Whilst at the Nursery, your child will also enjoy daily singing activities and planned language programme sessions from the 'Letters and Sounds' and 'BLAST' Programmes used in schools. In addition to this group learning, each child will be assigned a key person, which is a member of the team that your child naturally forms a close bond with from the onset of their nursery education. Each child's key person supports their day to day care and routine and also creates a detailed individual education plan for each child to support their learning in partnership with the child's family to ensure that all children are able to best achieve their potential at every stage of their development! We want to ensure that your child enjoys as many wonderful experiences and makes lots of memories to last them a lifetime!

Cloud 9 Preschool Room