Meet the Manager

Hello! My name is Joanna, but most of the children call me "Jo-Jo" for short. I'm the Centre Manager and I am responsible for both the Nursery provision and the Community Cafe, shop and training arm. I began my journey with the Project in November 2014, just after my Graduation. The project has kept me very busy and having a Cafe on site is keeping me hungry now too! I have a passion for food and travel and I'm definitely a huge pet fan with a dog, two cats and a rabbit at home! So you guessed it.. yes I did help the children to pick the Nursery Stick Insects, Crickets and Eel! 

My superpowers at nursery include turbo-energy practice (If I have an hour.. or six.. spare then I'm spending it with the children!), I'm also a dab hand at telekinesis, although I can't always control where my mind moves things to, I just know they aren't where I left them. My final superpower to report is an encyclopaedic knowledge of Stevie Nicks' (Singer from Fleetwood Mac) back catalogue!